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    Sphere Tablet Kiosk

    A tablet stand with a playful, quirky personality that lightens up any space. Every-which-way you turn it, Sphere is fun and inviting. That’s the beauty of its uniquely simple design. No matter where or how you place it, this engaging tablet stand will look amazing and enhance any environment.

    Fits almost any Tablet!
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    Aura Tablet Kiosk

    A graphically customizable tablet display system that is also the most attractive on the market. Whatever your tablet display goals, AURA will give you maximum exposure and flexibility. Its quick-change graphic panels make switching kiosk graphics a breeze while its integrated back-light system provides pristine lighting for your kiosk graphics.

    Exquisitely designed
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    3-in-1 Tablet Stand

    The 3-in-1 can easily be configured in one of three ways: freestanding, desktop or wall mountable. Is perfectly suited for trade shows and events where a highly versatile, robust and lightweight iPad Kiosk / Tablet Stand is required.

    The world's most versatile tablet display stand
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    Multimedia / Interactive

    New line of Interactive / Multimedia Backwalls and Stations, based on modular segments that can grow and shrink for every occasion. Features a Sensor Pad with 8 zones where users can choose a video that will show on the included monitor. No programming, just plug in a USB drive.

    All Included Kits with Monitor
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    Alternative Banner Stands

    Full color graphics, super easy to set up, packs flat, extra portable. Get to know the newest Portable Banner Stands, for 3D messaging. Kits complete with frame, fabric graphics, counter, literature holder, lights and soft cases.

    All Included Kits
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    Spectacular Exhibits

    If you want to go big and spectacular, search no more! AppleDisplays.com has the most exclusive line of Grand Exhibits, with scenic billboards that will tower above your competitors. Many options to fill your island booth, and still be able to reconfigure your existing exhibit to fit smaller booths.

    Be impressive